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My Favourite Laksa Utara

20 Mar

I tried this when I was back to hometown for my 10 days leave. I love to go back to my homwtown  because that’s where  I can cook, relax , have fun and spend some quality time with my parents.

I love Laksa,my mom’s make the best Laksa. So I decided to cook Laksa with my mom help and  it turn out so good !

My yummylicious Laksa Utara

My yummylicious Laksa Utara

Laksa in packet(Rice noodle)
6 to 7 Ikan kembung
2 Bunga kantan( Torch Ginger Bud) )
Daun Kesum ( Vietnamese mint )
1 to 2 Crushed Serai ( Lemongrass )
3 to 4 asam keping

To blend
3 Red onions
3 Red chillis
5 Hot chillis/cili padi
5 to 7 dried chillis
Belacan(shrimp paste)

For side dishes
Lettuce Salad
Red onion
Red chilli
Hard boiled egg

Boil the fish until they’re soft and keep the boiled water for gravy later.
Now remove the fishes from their bones.
Blend the fish with some water.
In the meantime, soak the rice noodles in cold water for 30 minutes.
Now,boil the water that we keep aside at first. Next add the blended paste and stir well.
Then,add the blended fish.
Stir well and now add the daun kesum  ( Vietnamese mint ), asam keping, daun kantan( Torch Ginger Bud) ) and crushed serai( Lemongrass )
And add salt to taste.
Once the gravy is ready, you may boil the rice noodles until soft and serve with side dishes.

Try this and I’m sure you guys will love it !

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