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When the daddy took for hair cut

4 Mar

For the past two weeks, Elyssa health was not in a good condition. She was having fever for two days and followed by cough and phlegm. Took her to clinic and currently she has no fever but still suffers with flu and cough.

Unlike the mother, Elyssa is blessed with beautiful hair which grows fast and at the same she sweats a lot..yes, like A LOT and thanks to the current climate which makes it even worse. She looks like she had a hair wash every time she sweats and this definitely worsen her flu.

So we decided, to get her hair cut so that she will recover soon and feels more comfortable.  And these time daddy wanted the daughter to have same hair style with him. As usual with much drama during the hair cut, we managed to get the hair cut.

While looking at her, I told myself ” So this is how my son looks like if I ever have one “. Despite loving her new hair cut, I still miss her long beautiful hair” ..Thank God hair grows 🙂 .

Hoping my little princess recover soon !



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