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Bubble – My First Dog Rescue!

21 Aug

I  found this shi tzu wandering around near our place. Looks like the dog was mistreated and neglected by the owner. The dog looks atrocious. I took it home. The poor fella need a home. I can’t keep it as we already have one at home.  So I post her picture  in Facebook with the hope there will be someone willing to provide home for this poor fella. Bubble is one friendly girl. She doesn’t gave me any hard time.


This was how Bubble looks like when I rescued her.


Soon after I post her picture in Facebook, a lovely girl sent me a message that she willing to provide home for Bubble. I was so happy . I took Bubble for grooming session.


Clean and neat Bubble after her grooming.


She ate a good dinner and  slept long and peacefully. I noticed there were injuries on her head and leg. I guess the owner beat ,starve, abuse and neglect her.  On Saturday, Bubble left to her new home.   Bubble  took some of me when she left and left part of herself  behind.  Hope she is happy there 🙂

It’s very important for anyone thinking about getting a pet to consider in advance how they will deal with potential issues, so that they don’t end up adding to the numbers of abandoned animals.



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