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What I learned from my daughter, Elyssa

26 Mar

So here I am with very much delay post but I guess it’s never too late.My lil one turns 2 years old on last 30thJan2017 and we had small celebration with closest family member.

Time flies and I never knew that this little one will bring so much of changes in my life. Often we talk about on how and what we are going to teach our kid but we don’t talk about on what we have learned and still learning from our kid.

Below are the few things that I learn from her.

  • Be in the moment
    A toddler would be the best person to teach mindfulness.It’s amazing to watch a little kid having fun.They play happily and nothing around them matters. They’re not thinking about what they’re going to have for lunch or what to wear to the family wedding dinner. Kids live in the moment.Kids don’t waste any time worrying about things when something doesn’t work out or they don’t get frustrated, in short they don’t worry on the things they have no control. They might get disappointed for a while but not even for 5 minutes and they can immediately move on to do the next thing that makes them happy.Yes,once you’re living in the moment, you have the benefit of experiencing life with a ‘beginner’s mind.’ This means you get to experience the excitement of doing something for the first time every single day. And to add on,many of us busy capturing moments with our smart phone, try putting away your phone, instead of looking at the memory you have captured try living the moment.Even your kid would love to have you to enjoy the moment
  • Persistent
    No matter how many times, she fall down when she started to walk, she will immediately rise up and keep trying with the same amount of effort.This has taught me that if you want something badly enough it’s worth going after. Whether this means crying, bargaining, pleading, or even stomping your feet,sometimes you need to have the strength to not back down. Even if someone is standing in the way of making your desire a reality, a little conviction is sometimes all you need to break down that barrier.
  • Let your emotions flow
    Elyssa can go from laughing hysterically, to crying and screaming, to laughing again in a matter of minutes. She expresses her emotions as she feels them, so she’s never at risk of keeping them pent-up inside. She doesn’t know about holding a grudge, and the longest she can stay angry with someone is few seconds.When I’m angry on her and scolds her,the first thing she does is run towards me and request me to carry her and she fully expects that no matter what I’ve been feeling, I’ll be happy just like that by carrying her. Keeping our emotions bottled up has been proven to be unhealthy, yet it’s a habit most of us have. It’s always good to let the emotion flow so that we feel so much better and feel lighter and ready for the next.When we hold on tight, we get heavy. When we release, we get lighter.
  • Don’t bother about what others think
    Most kids couldn’t care less what others think of them; while most of us adults care way too much. My daughter will wear anything, say anything, do anything as long as it feels good to her.Do you ever wonder how you’d live your life if no one was watching.It’s impossible to live up to everyone’s expectations.There will always be people no matter what we say or how we treat them,they will still judge us.So why bother? Trust yourself and do what makes you happy.
  • Be brave
    Yes, I learn to be brave to do things that I wants to do.My little one do not fear and do what she likes to do without thinking on the consequences.They are brave to try new things. what about us? We often think a lot to do new things and most of time,negative issues.What if this happen? What if that happen?Can i do this? Where do i start ? So many questions and eventually these FEAR will stop of us doing what we wants to try.Lets be brave to try.You never know until you TRY !

To my dear little Elyssa, Amma would like to thank you for all the happiness and lesson that you are giving.I believe there is a lot more to learn and lets grow together !


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