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Thank you 2012 !

31 Dec

I’m thankful for all good things happened in the last twelve months, glad to have met many a wonderful people, fortunate to have learned a number of useful lessons, sorry to have made some mistakes, happy to have moved on, regret to have lost few connections and grateful for all opportunities. I wish the coming twelve months brings me in company of many new faces, while I’ll make all efforts to make sure the familiar ones stay closer to my heart.

December ;  Mayan end of world hype


November ; The Deepavali month

This year we celebrated Deepavali at my sister’s house .


And we had this awesome family trip to Melaka.


October ; I’m legally married to Ramesh Kumar 🙂


And yeah, I had an unforgettable birthday celebration!


August ; I rescued Bubble and now she is happy with her new family


And on 31st August, my Jessie’s birthday ! She is 6 now 🙂


April ; My walk for clean and fair election


New year or not, pattern of events in life shall remain much the same, with possibly no escape from the dualities of existence. Pray, we develop enough inner strength to accept all events in life with great composure.

Here’s wishing you and your family a very happy and prosperous Year 2013!

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