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Happy 1st Birthday Elyssa ! 30012016

9 Feb

Its been delayed post, however I guess it’s better late than never. A year ago on 30th January 2015, I was so nervous to embark in motherhood but I was even more nervous about having to push a whole baby out of me. I still can’t forget the rehearsal session by the doctor on how to push and the moment doctor said ” Ok, you are ready to push ” , I felt like I’m going to faint. After 17 hours, finally I had my little one with me. You arrived at the perfect time and you gave tough year a truly bright spot. Your brought so much joy to outr lives. You truly our sunshine!





Happy 1st Birthday Elyssa darling ! Amma and Daddy love you so much ! We shall celebrate your birthday after your chitti’s wedding ya 🙂


Turning 31 in style .. My surprise Birthday Party

1 Nov

Well, I just got time to update my blog and today is about my 31st surprise birthday celebration which was on October 6,2012.

Thanks ever so much for the surprise party by my hubby Ramesh and also my lovely friends Jai Sri Sugan and Tanesh Chandran. I am not surprised at the thoughtfulness of you guys, but I was sure surprised by the party! I can’t believe how good you guys are at keeping secrets. I really enjoyed and had a wonderful time ! October 6,2012 was a blast, it was just wonderful.

My birthday cake , Cheese Raspberry Yogurt Cake

The birthday celebration was at Movida, Scott Garden. Love the food and ambience 🙂

With my beloved hubby

Made a wish and blow out those candles. Uniquely delicious cake ! Can’t have enough!

Flaming drinks are a great way to start a party. I had two shot of Flaming  Tequila .

The birthday treats continued. We had  delightful birthday lunch ; Indian food at Raju’s Banana Leaf, Jln Gasing. The dishes were hot and delicious.

Finally get my crab craving satisfied!

Me, hubby ( behind ) and Jai ( beside )

I had the most wonderful birthday! Thank you so much hubby and everyone else who made it perfect !

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